Real-time extension to the EPANET hydraulic toolkit
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EPANET-RTX is the real-time extension to the EPANET Hydraulic Toolkit. It provides an interoperable framework for moving data between a SCADA database, various time series analysis methods, and a hydraulic solver.

This project is being developed and maintained by a multidisciplinary team with various affiliations (members listed in alphabetical order):

  • Ernesto Arandia-Perez (developer, University of Cincinnati)
  • Sam Hatchett (lead developer, CitiLogics)
  • Robert Janke (design team, USEPA)
  • Tom Taxon (developer, Argonne National Lab)
  • Jim Uber (design team, CitiLogics / University of Cincinnati)
  • Hyoungmin Woo (developer, University of Cincinnati)

Intended Audience

The intended audience for this software can be divided roughly into two groups:

  • Programmers interested in water distribution system simulation
  • Water distribution simulation engineers interested in programming

The key here is an orientation towards folks who are comfortable with code. The RTX library is not a program per se, but a set of building blocks for constructing your own real-time simulation environment. If you've ever hacked EPANET or built a Matlab script for running hydraulic simulations, this library might be for you.

Find Out More

Get more info from the official documentation and the wiki.

Active Development

We are actively developing features in the following areas:

  • Time Series Forecasting
  • Water Age / Water Quality