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The standard for secure blockchain applications


  1. openzeppelin-contracts openzeppelin-contracts Public

    OpenZeppelin Contracts is a library for secure smart contract development.

    JavaScript 24.3k 11.6k

  2. openzeppelin-upgrades openzeppelin-upgrades Public

    Plugins for Hardhat and Foundry to deploy and manage upgradeable contracts on Ethereum.

    TypeScript 597 250

  3. ethernaut ethernaut Public

    Web3/Solidity based wargame

    Solidity 1.9k 628

  4. merkle-tree merkle-tree Public

    A JavaScript library to generate merkle trees and merkle proofs.

    TypeScript 410 106

  5. awesome-openzeppelin awesome-openzeppelin Public

    Blockchain educational resources curated by the OpenZeppelin team

    741 144


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