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Opus-foundation smart contracts

Opus - the worlds's first decentralised music platform, based on IPFS and Ethereum.
Solidity smart contracts for Opus official token, crowdsale & testnet demo token. Also includes advanced-demo website.

Token Standards

Opus token is compliant to the ERC23 standards, as well as backward compatible with the ERC20 standards.

Security Patterns

Uses zeppelin-solidity ERC20 library by OpenZeppelin.


To install demo you need:

To install truffle, run the following command:

$ npm install -g truffle

To install testrpc, run:

npm install -g ethereumjs-testrpc


To build demo, clone this repo and run the following command:

$ cd contracts
$ npm install

Running the demo

To run demo, first run testrpc by running:

$ testrpc

Then compile and deploy the solidity contracts:

$ truffle compile
$ truffle migrate

Run an instance of IPFS to enable uploads:

$ ipfs daemon

Finally to build website, run:

$ npm run dev


All smart contracts are released under GPL v.3.

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