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What APEX Front-End Boost is

APEX Front-End Boost is a local web server that hosts and distributes your static files to your APEX application.

APEX Front-End Boost makes coding faster and easier. It helps you manage static files (js, css, images, etc.) more efficiently within an APEX application.


What it does

  • Minifies js and css.
  • Generates js and css sourcemaps.
  • Adds css vendor prefixes.
  • Concatenates js and css. (optional)
  • Parses scss and less to css. (optional)
  • Generates APEX Theme Roller configuration. (optional)
  • Adds a standardized header comment block to js and css files. (optional)

How it helps you

  • Cut down on front-end development time.
  • Enhance your application performance due to smaller file sizes.
  • Keep coding in your favorite code editor, without having to constantly upload anything to APEX or a web server.
  • Stop manual refresh of your browser to get js and css modification.
  • Stop affecting other developers. Any development done within APEX Front-End Boost affects you and only you.
  • Be notified of js and css errors as you save.

Other benefits

  • Makes responsive development easier by synchronizing multiple devices together.
  • All devices (desktop, tablet, mobile, etc.) will imitate each others actions (scrolling, clicking, typing).
  • Eliminates the need for refreshing the browser. As soon as you save your code in the text editor, you get automatic code injection / reloading in the browser.

Project Sponsors

Thanks to Insum Solutions for sponsoring this project.

System Requirements


npm install -g apex-frontend-boost

Having problems on Windows?
Having problems on Mac OS?
Having problems on Linux?

APEX Setup

See documentation to choose the most appropriate option for your project.

Project Configuration

afeb config <project>

See documentation to configure APEX Front-End Boost for your project.


afeb launch <project>


Create, edit or delete any file within the src folder:


APEX Front-End Boost will compile your files and push it to your APEX application.

Seeing self-signed SSL browser warnings?

See examples.

Publish to APEX

Once you are done developing, you may want to publish the code to APEX Shared Components - Application Static Files.

afeb publish <project>

See documentation to get SQLcl running on your environment.


See changelog.

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