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APEX Nitro

APEX Nitro

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Front-end development in Oracle APEX at its best.

APEX Nitro is a build tool for APEX front-end development. It watches for file changes (JavaScript, CSS, other) on your system, compiles them into a better format and synchronizes them to your APEX app in real time.

What APEX Nitro does

  • Synchronizes code in real time to your APEX app
  • Allows to write next generation JavaScript
  • Serves minified code to APEX for better performance
  • Ensures code style and standards are used
  • A lot more...

Read the complete documentation for more info on all features.



Follow the next few sections to get started quicky with APEX Nitro.

To get the full APEX Nitro experience, go to the full documentation.


npm install -g apex-nitro

Initialize your project

Answer a few simple questions about your project:

apex-nitro init


Read more on initializing your APEX Nitro project

Write your code

Create, edit or delete any file in your source folder. Example:


Read more about APEX Nitro code patterns.

Connect your APEX app

To enable APEX Nitro in your app, you must make a small tweak in your application. Go to Shared Components > Application Processes and create a new application process with the following attributes:

Attribute Value
Name APEX Nitro
Sequence -999
Process Point On Load: Before Header (page template header)
Condition owa_util.get_cgi_env('APEX-Nitro') is not null
Source (PL/SQL) apex_application.g_flow_images := owa_util.get_cgi_env('APEX-Nitro');


Read the documentation for more information about how to connect your APEX app.

Reference your files

Your APEX application must references the APEX Nitro files. A recommended location is in the User Interface Attributes:




Build your files

Only available in Pro mode

Compiles all local files into a single build more efficient for APEX consumption.

apex-nitro build


Launch your app

Enable real time coding in your app:

apex-nitro launch


This includes the apex-nitro build step.

Open up your favorite code editor. Any change you make to your files will be synchronized to your APEX app in real time.

Uploading your files to APEX Shared Components

apex-nitro upload


Read more about uploading your files.


Read more about common issues.

Moving from APEX Nitro v4 to v5

Are your an APEX Nitro v4 user? Read about moving to v5.


See changelog.

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