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PDO driver implementation for Cassandra CQL.

This repository is a fork of: We cloned it on GitHub because the original project seemed to be dead.

This version is developped for the CQL3 target only. We do not provide any support for former versions of CQL.

Cassandra versions support

NEW: The driver is compatible with versions of Cassandra up to 2.0.x

The support of Cassandra 2.0 is very new. So if you experience bugs, incorrect behavior or anything suspect, don't hesitate to fill a bug report.

What is different from the Datastax version?

  • Added support for float numbers, decimals
  • Added support for collections (map, set, list)
  • Fixed a lot of bugs on integer convertions
  • Fixed parameters binding
  • Some other minor fixes
  • Timeout in requests support


  • PHP and PDO
  • Thrift
  • Boost (shared_ptr)

How to build?

First install thrift from Thrift should depend on boost shared_ptr so while installing thrift you are installing rest of the dependencies for pdo_cassandra (apart from PHP and PDO of course).

pdo_cassandra ./configure script takes the following options:

  • --with-pdo-cassandra[=FILE] where file is optional path to Cassandra Thrift definitions file. The file is bundled with the package so it is unlikely that alternative file is needed unless testing new versions.

  • --with-thrift-dir[=DIR] can be used to specify 'non-standard' thrift installation prefix.

  • --with-boost-dir[=DIR] can be used to specify 'non-standard' boost installation prefix.

Build steps:

$ phpize
$ ./configure
$ make
$ sudo make install 

Running tests

After a successful build tests can be executed using an instance of Cassandra. Default config for Cassandra should be fine.

Before make test:

$ cp tests/ tests/
$ $EDITOR tests/

This is to prevent accidentally dropping keyspaces that might in use.

Create a debian package from the sources

add "deb stable main" in your apt sources list
apt-get install libthrift0 libthrift-dev thrift-compiler

ln -s packaging/debian debian
dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -us -uc

How to use this driver?

Visit our wiki page


Pull requests containing fixes and/or additional tests are highly appreciated. Documentation is also far from being complete, feel free to report the difficulties you face.

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