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Image of a Kubernetes operator that automates the Cassandra operations such as deploying a new rack aware cluster, adding/removing nodes etc.
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Cassandra Docker image to run on Kubernetes cluster with CassKop Cassandra operator

The goal of this project is to provide a container optimized for running Apache Cassandra on Kubernetes using CassKop, the Cassandra operator developed by Orange.

The Images integrates :

  • Cassandra version 3.11.4
  • Jolokia a JMX-HTTP bridge providing JMX with JSON over HTTP version 1.6.1
  • cassandra-exporter version 0.9.8
  • Dumb-init a minimal init system for Linux containers version 1.2.2
  • The base Image is amd64/openjdk:8u212-jre-slim

Automated build

The Cassandra image for CassKop is automatically build and stored on Docker Hub


For master branch we push latest image on docker hub and the tag with the following <CASSANDRA_VERSION>-<JAVA_VERSION>-<IMAGE_VERSION> ex:

  • 3.11.4-8u212-0.3.1

For branches, we tag the image with the branche_name

For tags, we create an image with tag=tag_name

Building via Makefile

The projects Makefile contains various targets for building and pushing both the production container and the development container, and to simulate the Gitlab Pipeline

make build

CQLSH Container

If you need to have a container with CQLSH you can build with:

make build-cqlsh


This project is based on work done at Google and has been updated to fit with Orange Cassandra Operator needs.

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