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Base Gulpfile

This is a sample of Gulpfile to be used with config instead of "re-developing" manually each gulpfile.

⚠️ You are looking at the version using Gulp 4. This version is still in alpha mode. If you want to look at the version using Gulp 3, go there.


  • NodeJS 4+
  • NPM if you don't have choice, Yarn instead (recommended).
  • Gulp 4

What it does provide

  • Options:
    • --prod If specified, will run clean-css and uglyfyjs when dumping the assets.
  • Gulp commands:
    • images Dumps the sources in the config.images parameter from image files.
    • less Dumps the sources in the config.less parameter from LESS files.
    • sass Dumps the sources in the config.sass parameter from SCSS files.
    • css Dumps the sources in the config.css parameter from plain CSS files.
    • js Dumps the sources in the config.js parameter from plain JS files.
    • dump Executes all the above commands.
    • watch Executes dump, then watches all sources, and dump all assets once any file is updated.
  • Logs: when you run a command, there are plenty of console calls that log things that happen, which allow you to know what is happening, what files are managed, updated. All with time info.


By copy/pasting

  • Copy/paste the gulpfile.js and the package.json files in the root directory of your project (or execute the command below).
  • Install dependencies:
    • Choice 1: Run npm install && npm shrinkwrap command
    • Choice 2: Run yarn install command, and a yarn.lock will magically appear
  • Update the config variable in the gulpfile.js file so it fits to your needs.
  • To view how this gulpfile works, simply run gulp default or gulp without any argument.
  • Enjoy!

With a simple bash script

Or execute these commands in your project's root:

curl -LOk -o gulpfile.js
curl -LOk -o package.json
yarn install

⚠️ Warning: This will override your potentially existing gulpfile.js or package.json files.

Install Gulp globally

If you are using gulpfiles in many projects (this one or any gulpfile), you can use this script to install gulp globally:

npm install -g "gulp4"

Remember that you still have to run npm install to have all gulp plugins, else nothing will work.

⚠️ Be sure to install only gulp when you install globally. Else, other dependencies that are used locally may not match your dependencies.

⚠️ This may not be the best option though, remember that global dependencies may create conflicts and not work properly (Nodejs and npm... :trollface: ).


If you are already using this file and want to "update" to the new versions (there are some new versions sometimes), just take everything from our gulpfile starting from the line containing this:

/*************** End config ***************/

Starting from this line, you can copy/paste everything, unless you have your own logic inside the gulpfile, then you'll have to keep your code, just be careful not to lose your own code 😉