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Origin Protocol

Taking crypto mainstream


  1. origin-dollar origin-dollar Public

    OUSD and OETH are stablecoins that passively accrue yield while you are holding it

    JavaScript 112 70

  2. ousd-analytics ousd-analytics Public

    Web application to pull statistics on OUSD from the blockchain.

    Python 8 3

  3. ousd-governance ousd-governance Public

    OUSD Governance Portal and Contracts

    Solidity 11 4

  4. website-frontend website-frontend Public front-end

    JavaScript 6 6

  5. origin-defi-docs origin-defi-docs Public

    Forked from OriginProtocol/origin-dollar-docs

    Official documentation for OUSD. This repo is used to sync changes between Crowdin and Gitbook.

  6. origin-defi origin-defi Public

    Origin Protocol frontend monorepo

    TypeScript 1 3


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