Integration of a Raspberry-Pi in a Nabaztag v1
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datasheets Add goal of the project & move most text to wiki Jan 25, 2013


Integration of a Raspberry-Pi to control a Nabaztag v1.

The first goal of this project is to control all hardware functions of the Nabaztag using a Raspberry-Pi mini computer. I want to be able to move ears, light some LEDs and make some noise using python scripts.

After this first step I will try to make use of this new flexibility to make some useful things with Paty (yes, my Nabaztag has a name !). Ideas are: incomming mails notifications, RSS feed reading (text-to-speach), read messages sent by mail directly to Paty, Weather forecast indications, etc...

I also plan to keep the Raspberry-Pi usable for other tasks such as a retro gaming console by adding a USB HUB and a HDMI output to the Nabaztag.

More information on the current progress are available in the wiki.