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This is a port of the PHP extension for ZMQ to HHVM using HNI.

This was started due to the ownership of the code of the only existing implementation for HHVM, originally here and then, through some fun, the updated version ended up in a non-forked copy of the repo here, being very uncertain, making it impossible for it to ever be brought into the main repo as a supported extension.

The extra functionality that is enabled by the use of CZMQ with the original PECL extension is supported.

There are 3 tests that fail under MSVC due to things not being implemented yet, or else won't be supported under MSVC:

  • 007 - Currently requires stream_socket_server to work.
  • g59 - Requires fork
  • g59_2 - Requires fork

There are 5 tests that fail due to differences between HHVM and PHP:

  • 019 - Can't add an overload for the deprecated signature with HHVM.
  • 030 - Fails due to not having poked the test runner to get it to evaluate the skip correctly.
  • 037 - Tries to construct a ZMQDevice and use the deprecated form of setIdleCallback.
  • 038 - Tries to destruct an uninitalized object. Once HHVM#6215 is fixed, this should no longer be an issue.
  • g43 - Fails due to difference in messages between HHVM and PHP.

The other 45 test pass.

This makes 45/50 valid tests passing under MSVC.


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