Sublime Text 2 colour scheme for PhpStorm, AppCode, IntelliJ, etc (Jetbrains products) (added Obj-C & Java support).
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This version supports Objective-C (for AppCode), Java (for IntelliJ IDEA), Ruby (for RubyMine, even though it already has a Monokai color scheme), and has better PHP support (PhpStorm)

This is a port of the Monokai theme from Sublime Text 2 to IntelliJ IDEA-based IDEs. It looks a bit like this:

Monokai_Sublime screenshot

Note: I have created an issue on the Jetbrain's bug-tracker. The issue is related to selecting text that is highlighted after searching. Link:


You can manually place the XML file in the correct location, or within PhpStorm go to File -> Import Settings and locate the included .jar file. This will only import the colour scheme.

To manually install the colour theme, go to Preferences -> Editor -> Colors and Fonts. Create a new color scheme called "Monokai Sublime".

Click Apply.

Search your hard drive for a file called "Monokai_Sublime.xml"

Replace that file with the one in this github repository.

On a Mac, you'll find that file at ~/Library/Preferences/WebIDE10/colors/Monokai_Sublime.xml

On Linux the file is located at ~/.WebIde10/config/colors/Monokai_Sublime.xml

On Windows, the files are located in C:\Documents and Settings\<Your username>\.WebIde10\config\colors