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A revolutionary microcontroller platform featuring an ARM Cortex chip, clever features, great open source tools, a tiny footprint and built-in debugger. Galago enables rapid hardware device prototype development that scales to volume production without the costs and complexity normally involved with hardware.

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Photo of Galago

Hardware designs

All hardware designs, unless otherwise specified, are released under the Creative Commons CC BY-SA-3.0 license.

Hardware design files are in CadSoft EAGLE(tm) 5.10 binary format. EAGLE is available from CadSoft (US link) (DE link)

Audioblock (Audio App Board)

Photo of Audioblock App Board

The Audio App Board features a 16-bit, 48KHz stereo audio digital-to-analog converter driving two 1.5W class-D audio amplifiers and a low-noise switch-mode power supply with barrel jack.

Arduino Shield Adaptor

Photo of Arduino Shield Adaptor prototype

The Arduino Shield Adaptor offers a way to connect supported Arduino(R) shields to Galago plus a rugged but efficient switch-mode power supply with barrel jack. The board offers compatiblity with 3.3V-friendly Arduino Shields, and may work with some 5V shields depending on their I/O-level and power supply requirements. Check the specs of a shield prior to connecting.

Bluetooth App Board

Photo of Bluetooth App Board prototype

The Bluetooth(R) App Board hosts a Bluetooth module implementing the SPP (Serial Port Profile) connected to Galago's UART. As a low-energy design, it relies on Galago's built-in power-supply. The Bluetooth App Board also features a breadboard-like 0.1" prototyping area that breaks out each Galago I/O pin.

Etherblock (Ethernet App Board)

Photo of Ethernet App Board

The Ethernet App Board features the ENC28J60 Ethernet controller with integrated MAC and PHY, plus a switch-mode power supply with barrel jack input.

LED Driver App Board

Photo of LED Driver App Board prototype

The LED Driver App Board is powered by the TI TLC5940 16-channel, 12-bit constant-current PWM controller. This controller enables 4096-level brightness control of LEDs or precise control of up to 16 PWM-controlled servos.