Library for creating 2D tile-based games with Corona SDK.
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WARNING! Lime isn't currently being worked on. If you're looking for a tile-based engine, check out Dusk for Corona -- it's open source and very good:


Lime is a 2D engine for making tile-based games with Corona SDK and Tiled (tile map editor).

Original Author: Graham Ranson of Glitch Games

Lime was released as open-source under the MIT License in April 2013, and is currently being overseen by Outlaw Game Tools. Copyright 2013 Three Ring Ranch.

Usage (yes, I know this isn't enough - it's coming):

  1. Copy the lime folder into your project.
  2. Then use this in your main.lua file: lime = require("lime") NOTE: The lime variable must be global, not local.

Original Lime tutorials can be found here:

Updated versions will be added to the wiki