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This is the GitHub repository for CultURIze.


CultURIze is a four-step process to make persistent URI's for collection items, using a spreadsheet to record persistent URI's, a desktop app to turn it in a .htaccess (apache) or redirect configuration (nginx) file, and a Github repository to automate the deployment of apache based system for persistent URI's.

CultURIze is made for registrars, curators and managers of small to medium heritage collections.

More information about inspiration, governance, and howto's for setting up a Culturize workflow are available on the Wiki

CultURIze relies on

  • a webserver: Apache or Nginx
  • git, git can be used to track the history of the persistent URI'sapplications.
  • GitHub, we push the persistent URI's through GitHub API calls to a public or private GitHub repository.
  • Electron to build cross platform applications.

Getting Started

For users


You can download the latest version of CultURIze here. We currently support Linux, Mac OSX and Windows.


Make sure Git is installed and configured on your system, check here for instructions.

Check out the wiki.

For developers


  • Node.js LTS
  • npm is normally distributed with Node.js, which means that when you download Node.js, you automatically get npm installed on your computer. You can update npm to the latest version with npm install npm@latest -g

Build from source

  1. Clone this repository (or a fork of this repository)

    git clone
  2. Install all dependencies

    cd CultURIze && npm install
  3. Start the application

    npm start
  4. Consult the wiki before using CultURIze



  • oSoc18 team: Bert Schoovaerts, Pierre Van Houtryve, Marie Devos, Milena Vergara Santiago
  • OKBE: Brecht Van de Vyvere, Eveline Vlassenroot
  • PACKED: Bert Lemmens, Alina Saenko, Lode Scheers, Nastasia Vanderperren
  • Deuse: Maxime Deuse
  • Linux Belgium: Douwe De Bock


Inspired by


Copyright (c) 2019 PACKED vzw.

All content in this repository is released under the CC-BY-SA License.

The code of CultURIze is released under the MIT License.