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"#note_source_type": "explanation of what source_type is goes here",
"source_type": "AOGCM ISM AER",
"#note_experiment_id": "CMIP6 valid experiment_ids are found in CMIP6_CV.json",
"experiment_id": "piControl-withism",
"activity_id": "ISMIP6",
"sub_experiment_id": "none",
"realization_index": "3",
"initialization_index": "1",
"physics_index": "1",
"forcing_index": "1",
"#note_run_variant": "Text stored in attribute variant_info (recommended, not required description of run variant)",
"run_variant": "3rd realization",
"parent_experiment_id": "historical",
"parent_activity_id": "CMIP",
"parent_source_id": "PCMDI-test-1-0",
"parent_variant_label": "r3i1p1f1",
"parent_time_units": "days since 1850-01-01",
"branch_method": "standard",
"branch_time_in_child": 59400.0,
"branch_time_in_parent": 59400.0,
"#note_institution_id": "institution_id must be registered at ",
"institution_id": "PCMDI",
"#note_source_id": "source_id (model name) must be registered at ",
"source_id": "PCMDI-test-1-0",
"calendar": "360_day",
"grid": "native atmosphere regular grid (3x4 latxlon)",
"grid_label": "gn",
"nominal_resolution": "10000 km",
"license": "CMIP6 model data produced by Lawrence Livermore PCMDI is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 4.0 International License ( Consult for terms of use governing CMIP6 output, including citation requirements and proper acknowledgment. Further information about this data, including some limitations, can be found via the further_info_url (recorded as a global attribute in this file) and at https:/// The data producers and data providers make no warranty, either express or implied, including, but not limited to, warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. All liabilities arising from the supply of the information (including any liability arising in negligence) are excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law.",
"#output": "Root directory for output (can be either a relative or full path)",
"outpath": "CMIP6",
"#note_optional": " **** The following descriptors are optional and may be set to an empty string ",
"contact ": "Python Coder (",
"history": "Output from archivcl_A1.nce/giccm_03_std_2xCO2_2256.",
"comment": "",
"references": "Model described by Koder and Tolkien (J. Geophys. Res., 2001, 576-591). Also see The ssp245 simulation is described in Dorkey et al. '(Clim. Dyn., 2003, 323-357.)'",
"#note_CV": " **** The following will be obtained from the CV and do not need to be defined here",
"sub_experiment": "none",
"institution": "",
"source": "PCMDI-test 1.0 (1989)",
"#note_CMIP6": " **** The following are set correctly for CMIP6 and should not normally need editing",
"_control_vocabulary_file": "CMIP6_CV.json",
"_AXIS_ENTRY_FILE": "CMIP6_coordinate.json",
"_FORMULA_VAR_FILE": "CMIP6_formula_terms.json",
"_cmip6_option": "CMIP6",
"mip_era": "CMIP6",
"parent_mip_era": "CMIP6",
"tracking_prefix": "hdl:21.14100",
"_history_template": "%s ;rewrote data to be consistent with <activity_id> for variable <variable_id> found in table <table_id>.",
"#output_path_template": "Template for output path directory using tables keys or global attributes, these should follow the relevant data reference syntax",
"output_path_template": "<mip_era><activity_id><institution_id><source_id><experiment_id><_member_id><table><variable_id><grid_label><version>",
"output_file_template": "<variable_id><table><source_id><experiment_id><_member_id><grid_label>"
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