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DDT cheat sheet for Unix users

To get access to a terminal, first type ^Z (Control-Z). After that, you can log in.

The ◊ character represents typing ESC, or holding down the Meta key. On a text terminal, it will show up as $.

Unix command DDT command Colon command
login user user◊u :login user
logout ◊◊u :logout
TERM=vt52 :tctyp vt52
TERM=vt100 :tctyp aaa
TERM=ansi :crtsty ansi
clear ^L :clear
ls ^F :listf
ls -l ◊◊^F :lf
ls dir dir^F :listf dir
ls / ^R m.f.d. (file) :print m.f.d. (file)
ls *.foo ^R dir: second foo :print dir: second foo
more file ^R file :print file
mkdir dir ^R dir; (udir) :print dir; (udir)
cd dir dir◊^S :cwd dir
/foo/bar :foo;bar
cp f1 f2 ^R f1,f2 :copy f1,f2
rm file ^O file :delete file
ln f1 f2 ^O f1,f2 :link f1,f2
mv f1 f2 ◊◊^O f1,f2 :rename f1,f2
mv file dir :move file,dir
emacs emacs^K :emacs
ps ◊◊v :listj
kill pid pid◊^X :job pid then :kill
kill -9 pid :lock then pid gun
sudo -u u cmd u◊◊^S cmd
top peek^H :peek
^U ^D
^C ^G
^Z ^Z
^D ^C
fg ◊P :continue
bg ^P :proceed
man 2 open :call open
dmesg :sysmsg
uptime :time
echo "Hello World!" ^W:◊^VHello World! ^W^V (in an xfile)
#Comment ^W:◊Comment◊^V (in an xfile)