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Portland's very own Node.js usergroup

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What's this all about?

PDXNode is a Node.js usergroup based in Portland, Oregon.

We organize two meetups every month: one for talks, one for hacks.

Presentation Nights

Every 2nd Thursday we put on a presentation night at Alchemy Code Lab where the goal is to provide high-quality presentations from people in the Node community locally and abroad. At the present we typically have local speakers present in person, and other geographically distributed speakers present remotely via

Hack Nights

Every last Thursday we put on a hack night at Ctrl-H Hackerspace where the goal is to provide a fun and easy-going environment for individuals & groups to hack on their own projects and ask questions along the way, as well as support beginners and people who are new to Node with help in answering questions and pair-coding.

NEW! Starting in August 2018, we will have hardware at our hack nights that you can learn on. A good place to start is the Nodebot Workshop which we used as part of International Nodebots Day 2018.

How To Talk

We use github to submit talks: lightning, long-form, and otherwise.

See the lightning talk and longform talk templates for more details on submitting a talk proposal!

See the request a talk to submit what you'd love to experience at our meetup.

Come talk to us in #pdxnode on freenode or via our gitter channel.

Code of Conduct

This usergroup is intended to be a safe, welcoming space for collaboration. All participants are expected to adhere to our code of conduct. Thank you for being kind to each other!