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Minecraft Forge Server Software implementing the Paper/Spigot/Bukkit API, formerly known as Cauldron/MCPC/Thermos
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Mohist Made in China

Since CraftBukkit has modified a lot of underlying layers, some of the core mods are not available, we are working hard to improve.

Mohist-1.12.2 will continue to be maintained..

Mohist is still in beta and you may encounter issues in using it with your server. You have been warned!

Getting Help

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  • Java 8u212 JDK or higher
  • Forge-1.12.2 -
  • Paper-1.12.2


  • Checkout project
    • You can use IDE or clone from console: git clone
  • Setup
    • Setting up submodules: git submodule update --init --recursive
  • Building
    • Build the project for Linux: ./gradlew launch4j
    • or for Windows: ./gradlew.bat launch4j

All builds will be in .\Mohist\build\distributions\

If you are a plugin developer, you can add the following files to your library file .\Mohist\build\localCache\Mohist\recompiled.jar

Mohist-xxxxx-universal.jar - is the server we should run it


  • Read the wiki in detail WIKI

Part of the code comes from

Bukkit Paper CraftBukkit Spigot MinecraftForge Atom Thermos

User License

  1. The source code is free to distribute and copy under the premise of complying with the GPL-3.0.
  2. We are not responsible for any legal disputes arising from your use of Mohist for commercial activities.
  3. 源代码可以在遵守GPL-3.0的前提下自由分发和复制。
  4. 对于因使用Mohist进行商业活动而引起的任何法律纠纷,我们概不负责。

Welcome everyone to participate in development, unity is power.

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