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Pathogen-Host Interaction Phenotype Ontology

PHIPO is a formal ontology of species-neutral phenotypes observed in pathogen-host interactions.

PHIPO is being developed to support the comprehensive and detailed representation of phenotypes in PHI-base, the multi-species Pathogen-Host Interactions database available online at PHIPO is pre-composed and logically defined.


Stable release versions

The latest version of the ontology can always be found at:

Editors' version

Editors of this ontology should use the edit version, src/ontology/phipo-edit.owl


Please use this repository's issue tracker to request new terms and classes, or to report errors or specific concerns related to the ontology.


This ontology repository was created using the Ontology Development Kit.


Alayne Cuzick, James Seager, Valerie Wood, Martin Urban, Kim Rutherford, and Kim E. Hammond-Kosack (2023) A framework for community curation of interspecies interaction literature. eLife2023;12:e84658 DOI: