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PHP Roundtable Show Notes

Here is a list of the episodes that need show notes on

Pull requests are welcome and you will be fully credited during a live recording and on the website.

Just use the following template and save it to a markdown file in the episodes/ folder and name the file after the episode number.

# Episode Title Here

> No need to add the description or panelist info here since it's already on the site. :)

## Some Point

- Some more details on the subject.
- Jane mentions some [blog post]( relevant to the topic.

## Some Other Point

- Some other point summarized.
- Another point here.

> No need to add developer shout-outs or shameless plugs since those are already on the site as well. :)
# Episode Status Credit
080 PHP Internals: Preloading, FFI & More
079 GDPR For PHP Devs
078 DocBlocks, Annotations, PSR-5 & The Like
077 Tech Interviews for Self-Taught PHP Programmers
076 Concurrency, Generators & Coroutines - Oh My!
075 Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 Eric Eggert
074 Secrets, Secrets, Are No Fun
073 PHP Static Analysis Matthias Gutjahr
072 Secret Project Revealed!
071 Extra, extra: PHP 7.2 released!
070 All things WordPress
069 Catching Up With PHP Friends Shane Smith
068 PHP's Dirty Little Segfault Secret
067 Imposter syndrome and the Dunning-Kruger effect
066 Docker: Drinking the Kool-Aid Shane Smith
065 TestFest 2017 Chris Shaw
064 PHP 7 Source Code: A Deep Dive Chris Shaw
063 A php[tek] 2017 Special
062 All things Laravel Chris Thomas
061 Dependency Injection Chris Shaw
060 Logging & Crash Reporting in PHP Chris Shaw
059 PHP 7.1 Chris Shaw
058 HTTPlug, Guzzle & API's Chris Shaw
057 All Things Zend Chris Shaw
056 Hourly vs Value-Based Pricing Chris Shaw
055 Acceptance Testing with Behat Chris Shaw
054 Security: Encryption, Hashing and PHP Chris Shaw
053 Why I'm Afraid To Admit I Use PHP Chris Shaw
052 Happy Birthday PHP Roundtable!
051 What happened to PHP 6? Chris Shaw
050 PHP For Beginners Chris Shaw
049 Event Sourcing in PHP Andy Huggins
048 Docker & PHP Chris Shaw
047 All About HTTP/2 Chris Shaw
046 Character Encoding and UTF-8 in PHP Dominic Bordelon
045 A php-tek 2016 Special
044 Asynchronous PHP Chris Shaw
043 A Lone Star PHP 2016 Special
042 Staying Relevant For Web Development Chris Shaw
041 The PHP-FIG: Past, Present & Future Chris Shaw & Ken Guest
040 Graph Databases Chris Shaw
039 From Idea To Production: Part 2 Chris Shaw
038 RFC Show & Tell Chris Shaw
037 An ORM Discussion Chris Shaw
036 A Room 11 Special
035 Immutable PHP Chris Shaw
034 Debugging is more than var_dump() Peter Keller
033 Design Patternmania Andy Huggins
032 Running A Rockin' PHP User Group
031 Checking in with PHP & HHVM internals
030 SOA and Microservices Chris Thomas
029 The Only Girl In The Room
028 The Alcoholic & Unfit PHP Culture
027 A Laracon US Special Andy Huggins
026 Documentation & Developer Experience
025 PHP7 Release Management
024 Becoming A PHP Entrepreneur
023 PHP's Major "Bus Factor" Problem Chris Shaw
022 All About PSR-7
021 From Idea To Production: Part 1 Sammy Kaye Powers & Steven Maguire
020 A Loosely Coupled Mashup @ php[tek]
019 The Business of PHP
018 F8 Afterglow & The PHP SDK
017 Modernizing Legacy Codebases in PHP Chris Shaw
016 Contributing To PHP 7
015 SemVer Licensing & OS Support Expectations
014 A Midwest PHP Special
013 TDD & BDD In PHP
012 A PHP Town Hall Mashup at Sunshine PHP
011 Accessibility On The Web
010 ReactJS and the Flux architecture
009 Coding Securely In PHP
008 Domain-Driven Design In PHP
007 Git & Git-Flow - Open Source Part 1
006 Faceoff: Taylor Otwell vs Phil Sturgeon
005 PHP Internals - Past Present & Future Andy Huggins
004 All About API's Andy Huggins
003 A #WurstCon Special
002 Functional Programming In PHP Sammy Kaye Powers
001 The PHP Community, PHP CLI, & ElePHPants Sammy Kaye Powers


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