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PINS: P4 Integrated Network Stack

Workspace for PINS working group

PINS: P4 Integrated Network Stack

P4 Integrated Network Stack (PINS) is an industry collaboration bringing SDN capabilities and P4 programmability to traditional routing devices that rely on embedded control protocols (like BGP). Specifically, this project uses P4 to model the SAI pipeline, adds externally programmable extensions to the pipeline and introduces P4Runtime as a new control plane interface for controlling the pipeline.

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  1. sonic-buildimage-public sonic-buildimage-public Public

    Forked from sonic-net/sonic-buildimage

    Scripts which perform an installable binary image build for SONiC


  2. sonic-swss-common-public sonic-swss-common-public Public

    Forked from sonic-net/sonic-swss-common

    Common components for SONiC switch state service

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  3. sonic-swss-public sonic-swss-public Public

    Forked from sonic-net/sonic-swss

    SONiC Switch State Service (SwSS)

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  4. SONiC SONiC Public

    Forked from sonic-net/SONiC

    Landing page for Software for Open Networking in the Cloud (SONiC) -

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