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ACMESharp Core

An ACME client library for .NET Standard (Let's Encrypt)



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This library originated as a port of the ACMESharp client library from .NET Framework to .NET Standard 2.0.

However, this rewrite is now actually more complete than the original, including operations from the ACME specification that were left out of the original and supporting the latest versions of the specification. Check out the library-specific README for details as they develop.

A couple of useful examples have been put together to demonstrate how to use the client library to implement a CLI tool and automated certificate installation for ASP.NET Core applications. More are coming...

Please Note:
If you are interested in using Let's Encrypt, or any other ACME-compliant CA in a .NET context, please see the ACMESharp project for a working implementation of an ACME client library for .NET Framework and complementary PowerShell module for Windows PowerShell.

The goals for this project:

  • Migrate the ACMESharp client library to .NET Standard 2.0
  • Remove legacy cruft
  • Clean up the namespace structure and code org
  • Adjust coding standards to better conform with industry standards
  • Complete any missing features from the ACME spec
  • Prepare for, and implement move to ACME 2.0 spec
  • Clearly separate and maintain independently the client library and the PS module


An ACME v2 client library for .NET Standard (Let's Encrypt)




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