An ACME v2 client library for .NET Standard (Let's Encrypt)
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ACMESharp Core

An ACME client library for .NET Standard (Let's Encrypt)

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This is a port of the ACMESharp client library to .NET Standard 2.0.

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NuGet ACMESharpCore client library
NuGet SimplePKI library

A first version of the client library has been completed with a number of useful features, check out the library-specific README for details as they develop.

A couple of useful examples have been put together to demonstrate how to use the client library to implement a CLI tool and automated certificate installation for ASP.NET Core applications. More are coming...

Please Note:
If you are interested in using Let's Encrypt, or any other ACME-compliant CA in a .NET context, please see the ACMESharp project for a working implementation of an ACME client library for .NET Framework and complementary PowerShell module for Windows PowerShell.

The goals for this project:

  • Migrate the ACMESharp client library to .NET Standard 2.0
  • Remove legacy cruft
  • Clean up the namespace structure and code org
  • Adjust coding standards to better conform with industry standards
  • Complete any missing features from the ACME spec
  • Prepare for, and implement move to ACME 2.0 spec
  • Clearly separate and maintain independently the client library and the PS module