Ambra Quick Start

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To bring up a minimal Ambra stack, do the following:

  • Install Docker (see envoy requirements section only)

  • Fetch the sample themes and bring up the basic stack

    git clone -b master
    cd Dockerfiles
    themes/ minimal
    ./nv stack ambra_minimal

    Wait a minute or two until you see the messages that Wombat is starting up.

  • To see which ports your services are running on, in another terminal run

    ./nv stack ambra_minimal ps

    For example you can visit the Wombat frontend via http://localhost:8015

    If you are not using Linux, Docker is probably running through docker-machine, and instead of visiting localhost, you would use your docker host IP.

  • Ingest an article in rhino

    curl -X POST --form "archive=@tests/test_data/demo/" localhost:8006/articles
    curl -X POST localhost:8006/articles/10.1371++journal.pone.0153419/revisions?ingestion=1

    See the article rendered in wombat http://localhost:8015/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0153419

Doing more (the not so quick start)

To update the configuration take a look at configurations/ambra_minimal.yml in your Dockerfiles.

You can edit the themes in /tmp/themes. You will see the configuration above looks to this path. You can update the location in the config if you want to move it.

If you want to update any of the code in the web apps, you can easily rebuild the containers which will build the needed .war applications automatically. See the readme.

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