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PopcornTime TV

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NOTE: You must build the project with Xcode 7. Swift 3 and Xcode 8 support will be available when tvOS 10 launched in the fall.

An Apple TV 4 application to torrent movies and tv shows for streaming. A simple and easy to use application based on TVML to bring the native desktop PopcornTime experience to Apple TV.


Release notes for every version can be found here


PopcornTime requires cocoapods. To install it simply open Terminal and enter the following command

gem install cocoapods

Setting up PopcornTime is quite easy. Open Terminal to run the following commands

cd ~/Desktop
git clone
cd ~/Desktop/PopcornTimeTV
swift install.swift

Follow the instructions in the install sript to update your copy of PopcornTime. For all future updates, just run swift install.swift and it will walk you through the rest.

If the new install script is failing, revert to the old way and run git checkout <release version> and pod update

If you are installing PopcornTime for the first time run and are having issues try running pod install otherwise if you are updating, run pod update.

If issues persist when installing TVVLC, remove the Pods folder and Podfile.lock and run this command in terminal rm -rf ~/.cocoapods/repos/popcorntimetv

Or you can find super easy guide here

Open the project with




Want to help?

Join the project Discuss and be part of the PopcornTime experience for AppleTV. Designer? Developer? Curious person? You're welcome! Come in and say hello. Want to report a bug, request a feature or even contribute? You can join our community Slack group to keep up-to-date and speak to the team.

If you plan on contributing, make sure to follow along with the guidelines found in the file.