Java game programming example/template code.
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2d Topdown Doors and keys
3 Attack Waves for Side Scrolling Shooter
Arcade Player Shooting
ArrayList that can hold
Beginners -
Blinking Unit
Blocks Shooting with Artificial Intelligence
Boolean ArrayList
Cellular Automata - Map-Level-Land-Island Generator
Circle inside Circle Collision
Creating and rotating a image with double
Data Sprites in Java - array holding sprite
Double ArrayList
Drawing Tiles ontop of Tiles with Transparancy mask
Drawing a Tilemap
Drawing a filled polygon
Euclidean Distance
Exclamation Boolean
Explosions Effect
Falling Ball - Balldrop - example - modified
FloodFill pathfinding example - Shortest
Fog of War
Game Menu
Getting Left and Right and Middle mouse
HiScore Screen
Isometric map Example with mouse
Linked Lists to store classes into -
Manhattan Distance
Map Generator using a BushFire
Maze Generator Example - Ported
Midpoint displacement algorithm
Missile Commander Partly
Modifying - Editing polygons in stead of creating new
Multiple Levels-Maps
Oval angle movement towards mouse
Platformer Bump Head into Tiles
Platformer Doors
Platformer Ladders
Platformer Moveable Blocks-Tiles
Platformer Moving Platforms
Platformer Spiders
Platformer Spikes
Platformer Springies
Platformer Time Dissapearing Tiles
Player Jumping
Player TIleMap Collision
Point in Circle Collision
Point inside Polygon collision
Polygon inside Polygon collision
RTS Selecting Units - Mouse Selecting
Random Obstacle Avoidance
Rectangle Collision
Rocks Game Example - throwing-carying-picking
Rotate Polygon around center
Rotating Line
Rotating Side Scrolling Shooter Attack Wave
Scrolling TileMap
Setting the drawing color
Sidescrolling Shooter Shooting
Sim City Road System - Auto Connect
Sin Wavy Movement
Slopes Tilemap Platformer
Space Invaders
Sticking and moving onto walls and
String Compare - Comparing Strings -
Tilemap with Multidimensional array
Topdown Movement
Topdown Portals
Topdown patrolling ai
Turn Based Unit Movement
Turrican Style Shooting
a* - aStar - pathfinding
getwidth and getheight


Java game programming example/template code.