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Retrieve the RBAC permissions of serviceAccounts, pods and nodes in a Kubernetes cluster, and evaluate them using policies written in Rego.

The default policy library includes around 20 policies that identify serviceAccounts, pods and nodes that possess risky permissions, each detecting a different attack path. See the Recommendations section here for advice on addressing powerful permissions in Kubernetes clusters.

Quick Start

Requires Golang>=1.16.

  1. Build rbac-police
go build
  1. Connect kubectl to a Kubernetes cluster.
  2. Evaluate RBAC permissions and identify privilege escalation paths in your cluster using the default policy library.
./rbac-police eval lib/

Use Cases

Evaluate RBAC permissions and identify privilege escalation paths in your cluster.

./rbac-police eval lib/

Set severity threshold

Only evaluate policies with a severity equal to or higher than a threshold.

./rbac-police eval lib/ -s High

Scope to a namespace

Collect and evaluate RBAC permssions in a certain namespace.

./rbac-police eval lib/ -n production

Only alert on SAs that exist on all nodes

Only consider violations from service accounts that exist on all nodes. Useful for identifying violating DaemonSets.

./rbac-police eval lib/ --only-sas-on-all-nodes

Ignore control plane

Ignore control plane pods and nodes in clusters that host the control plane.

./rbac-police eval lib/ --ignore-controlplane

Nodes don't use NodeAuthorizer

Specify a custom user used by nodes in clusters that don't use the NodeAuthorizer.

./rbac-police eval lib/ --node-user=nodeclient

Collect once for multiple evaluations

./rbac-police collect -o rbacDb.json
./rbac-police eval lib/ rbacDb.json -s Critical
./rbac-police eval lib/ rbacDb.json --only-sas-on-all-nodes

Manually inspect RBAC permissions

./rbac-police expand


./rbac-police collect -o rbacDb.json
./rbac-police expand rbacDb.json



  rbac-police [command]

Available Commands:
  collect     Collects the RBAC permissions of serviceAccounts, pods and nodes
  completion  Generate the autocompletion script for the specified shell
  eval        Evaulates RBAC permissions of serviceAccounts, pods and nodes using Rego policies
  expand      Presents the RBAC permissions of serviceAccounts, pods and nodes in a human-readable format
  help        Help about any command

  -a, --all-serviceaccounts   collect data on all serviceAccounts, not only those assigned to a pod
  -h, --help                  help for rbac-police
      --ignore-controlplane   don't collect data on control plane nodes and pods. Identified by either the '' or '' labels. ServiceAccounts will not be linked to control plane components
  -l, --loud                  loud mode, print results regardless of -o
  -n, --namespace string      scope collection on serviceAccounts to a namespace
      --node-groups strings   treat nodes as part of these groups (default [system:nodes])
      --node-user string      user assigned to all nodes, default behaviour assumes nodes users are compatible with the NodeAuthorizer
  -o, --out-file string       save results to file

Use "rbac-police [command] --help" for more information about a command.

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