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Simple network logging service implemented in Erlang/OTP
Erlang Python
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Erlang Datagram Logger

A simple logging service that receives data via a UDP or TCP socket and serializes these messages into a file. The primary reason I write this service is to learn Erlang and get familiar with OTP. Eventually, it might grow into something useful but at the moment you're better of using syslog or other logging services.


  • Very simple implementation
  • Connection-less: single logging server can handle multiple clients logging to the same file (UDP)


  • Packets might be silently dropped if the logging frequency is very high or the log service consumes data slower than clients produce it (UDP)
  • Large messages will be truncated if the message size exceeds the size of the receive buffer (by default ~8k bytes)


$ erl -env ERL_LIBS .

systools:make_script("slogserver-1.0", [local]).
systools:make_tar("slogserver-1.0", [{erts, "/usr/lib/erlang"}]).

Untar the archive in the target directory and run the application:

$ ./erts-5.8.3/bin/erl -boot releases/1.0.0/start

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