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PapaGuacamole v1.9
 - changed event handlers which were broken when Mudlet 3.8 fixed a background issue so class changes were not being correctly tracked - thanks Keneanung and Vadimuses
 - added event to automatically build rage pane once rage GUI system loaded - thanks Brenex for investigating
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BattleRage_GUI.xml v1.9 Apr 10, 2018
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  • A user-configurable GUI element is built which automatically updates battlerage abilities, dynamically displaying when your character has sufficient rage stored to use the ability, with an animated timer showing the cooldown. An event is raised when the ability is used, which can be scripted using an event handler (an example is included) for relaying to party, etc.
  • Can be toggled on and off
  • User configuration options include GUI size, position, colours
  • Rage abilities for all dragon colours and adventurer classes are included.
  • Clicking the GUI element corresponding to the rage ability will attempt to use the ability. There are no checks included for amount of rage, rage balance, etc, it is as if the commands have been manually entered.
  • For extra convenience, hotkeys CTRL+1 to 6 also send the commands to the MUD.
  • For Iron Realm's Achaea
  • Requires Mudlet v2.1 or higher
  • Full functionality is not available without Demonnic's Anitimers (v2 or above)