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What is Paper?

Paper, and the PaperMC project behind it, exist to expand the platforms upon which it is built. Paper has a relatively small team, despite that, we have received a large amount of attention and a great showing of support from both server administrators and fellow developers.

As such, we focus on a few things:

  • A performant server is paramount.
  • Giving back to the community matters.
  • Mojang's decisions and assumptions are not necessarily the best for everyone.

Paper is largely composed of two projects:

  • Paper-API, An enhanced version of the Bukkit API.
  • Paper-Server, usually just referred to as Paper, Paper-Server is an enhanced implementation of the server that goes hand-in-hand with our enhanced API.

There are also other, more technical, projects that support the above two projects. For more information on that see :doc:`../about/structure`

Where can I download Paper?

A complete list of available builds can be obtained from our continuous integration server