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Wrapper which allows running the PaperMC Minecraft server as a proper daemon
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paperd is a wrapper application which enables the PaperMC Minecraft server to be run more properly in the background as a daemon, rather than simply backgrounded using screen or tmux. This is accomplished both by the paperd application and custom changes in the Paper server.

Support and Project Discussion:


paperd is strictly Unix / POSIX compatible. Windows is not supported.

This project requires the Rust toolchain. paperd is built on the latest release of Rust, currently version 1.36.0.

To build for release, use the script:

./ clean build --release --features console

If you don't want the console feature, or don't have ncurses installed, simply omit the feature to build without it:

./ clean build --release

If you have Docker you can build using a stable Docker image. This is especially useful if you are running a more bleeding edge distro (i.e. Arch) which is using ncurses 6, though we want to match Ubuntu's ncurses 5 as it's the most prevalent MC server OS.

./ clean package

The paperd.tar.xz file that will result in the current working directory is the pre-built file available from Jenkins.


For general usage instructions, please click here.

For technical info on how paperd works and communicates with the Paper server, please click here.


PRs are greatly appreciated, but when a change requires modifications to both this project and to the Paper server itself, please link both PRs together in the PR description.

For this project in particular, please run rustfmt with all default settings across the whole project before committing.


This project is licensed under LGPLv3 only, no future versions.

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