Paperight was a project to turn copy-shops into print-on-demand bookstores. This is the code for its website: a library for buying and selling printing licenses between publishers and copy shops.
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A Paperight website

A Paperight website (originally built at, where you can find more background) enables print shops to sell print-outs of books to customers on demand. The print shops sign up, then pay a small licence fee to each book's publisher to download the file for printing. The code for the site is open (AGPL), so with some development expertise you can set up your own Paperight-powered network for selling books.

The website wiki here explains how a Paperight-powered website works. Many of the articles are taken straight from our internal process docs and online help files, which were relevant to our instance of Paperight. Keep that in mind as you read them.

The name 'Paperight' and its logo is trademarked. If you set up your own Paperight-powered network, you may use our code under the terms of its AGPL licence, but you may not use the name 'Paperight' or a close variant in your own project or organisation name.