All scripts and packages from the Survival Island server on Just Cause 3 Multiplayer
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Terms and Conditions of
Unfinished Packages

Survival Island Script Pack

This pack contains all of the scripts that were used on the Survival Island server in Just Cause 3 Multiplayer. For questions, feel free to contact us on our Discord.

Pack Overview

  • packages: All the packages that we used to run the server.
  • packages_unfinished: Packages that we were working on but did not fininsh.
  • resources: All resources (such as images and jQuery) that we used.

Make sure to read all the readmes for help with setting up and pack information.


Can I run my own server with these scripts?

Sure! Make sure to follow the guide in "How to set up a server" in order to get everything working properly. If you do create your own server with these scripts, credit somewhere would be appreciated.

Can I take this one script and use it on my own server?

Yes! Credit would be appreciated. Keep in mind, though, that many of these scripts depend on one another. You'll probably have to do a little bit of work to separate them before you can use them independently.

Will you be releasing the old database for us to use?


Will you be creating further updates for these scripts?

Probably not.

Can I use some of these scripts and put them into my own script pack that I'm releasing?

Yes. See "Terms and Conditions of Usage" for details on how to do this.

X isn't working!

Make sure you followed the server setup guide in "How to set up a server". If you still have issues, feel free to contact us on Discord.

Can I add more items to this and develop it more?

Absolutely! We encourage people to use this as a learning resource and keep adding their own ideas to it. If you need help with adding new items or editing these scripts, please let us know in our Discord.

I found a bug! Can you fix it?

Probably not. We won't be fixing any bugs in these scripts anymore. They are provided as-is. Feel free to contact us on Discord if you're having difficulty though, and we will be able to help you.

I see some code for some new features, but it doesn't work. Is it unfinished?

Most likely. There is a lot of unfinished code in here for stuff we were working on, but didn't have time to finish or couldn't finish because updates to JC3MP didn't give us the features needed. If you're curious about something, feel free to ask us on Discord.