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This validator returns validation results for the super-type of a given class. In the Personnel sample, Manager inherits Employee. The SaveManagerValidator inherits CompositeValidator. I want to add special validations for the Manager sub-type, and reuse existing validations for Employee. The AncestorTypeValidator will execute Validator.Validate on the manager instance and merge those results with the results from the other validators.


    public class SaveManagerValidator : CompositeValidator<Manager>
        public override bool AppliesTo(string rulesSet)
            return rulesSet == RulesSets.Crud.Save;

        protected override IEnumerable<IValidator<Manager>> GetInternalValidators()
            yield return Properties<Manager>
                .For(m => m.Reports)
                .Count(minCount:1, maxCount:null)
                .Message("Manager should have at least 1 report!")
                .Unique(e => e.EmployeeId)

            yield return new AncestorTypeValidator<Manager, Employee>();
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