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Releases: Parchive/par2cmdline

v0.8.1: par2cmdline 0.8.1

09 Feb 15:13
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BlackEagle (3):
      Add .DELETE_ON_ERROR to avoid corrupt files in workdir
      split release scripts a bit because win stuff is not build on the same machine as *nix stuff anymore
      bump 0.8.1

Ike Devolder (3):
      Merge pull request #131 from mdnahas/master
      Merge pull request #132 from mdnahas/library_dev
      Merge pull request #134 from mdnahas/long_read_write

Michael Nahas (70):
      BUG FIX: ^= operator was returning wrong value for powers of 1
      .gitignore now ignores emacs backup files
      FIX: typos, comments, indentation
      Added unit tests for 5 classes
      Changed all output to use parameters, rather than global variables.
      Set chunksize to zero, in unspecified case
      all commandline errors are first in par2creator::Process
      moved reference to commandline to top of parXrepairer
      removed largest file and total file size from commandline class
      Removed ExtraFile::FileSize method --- this slows things slightly.
      Convered ExtraFile to just a string.
      grouped commandline options by operation
      Added my name to list of authors
      added the most common usage as an example
      move num-of-threads setting code out of commandline
      added links to websites explaining CRC operations
      Moved NoiseLevel out of CommandLine
      remove duplicate code in par2cmdline.cpp
      Moved par1repairer into a function call
      Moved par2repairer into a function call
      Moved par2creator into a function call
      Moved filethreads out of commandline.h/cpp
      removed ExtraFile from commandline.h/cpp
      removed ExtraFileIterator from commandline.h/cpp
      Split up CommandLine::Parse soo I can move stuff in
      Reordered checks in commandline.cpp to match order of variable declarations
      Moved computation of blocksize into commandline.cpp
      BUG FIX: when changed nthreads, forgot to add OPENMP #ifdef around it
      Moved redundnacy calculation out of par2creator into commandline
      FEATURE: On Linux, adjusts buffer sizes to half the memory of the system
      commandline now treats argv aas const char * const *, for easier testing.
      unit tests for CommandLine.Parse(), plus bug fixes to it.
      Changed code to support a par2lib static library
      DANGEROUS: Moved ifdefs from par2cmdline.h into par2lib.h
      FEATURE: Created libpar2, a static library for par2.
      Added unit tests for diskfile
      BUG FIX: DiskFile::Delete() now sets 'exists' to false
      BUG FIX: getting physical memory now works for OSX
      DANGEROUS: Changed WIN32 to _WIN32 or _MSC_VER
      merged code for ComputeRecoveryFileCount into libpar2
      Added output to tests, to see they had done something.
      BUG FIX - SQUASH - did not ifdef OPEN_MP around thread code
      TEST FIX: newline were expanding into two chars on Windows
      Added test for DiskFile::Create when file already exists
      BUG FIX: DiskFile::Create now returns error when file already exists
      BUG FIX: Should now implement Par2 standard for filenames
      Test scripts now use .exe and wine, if exe exists
      TEST FIX: Some tests did not return 1 on error.
      DANGEROUS, BUG FIX:  Fixed most things found by cppcheck
      BUG FIX: fixed memory leak by FindFiles using std::unique_ptr
      FEATURE: Modified test scripts to support valgrind
      Changes made so that it compiles on OSX High Sierra
      Uncommented line for AM_PROG_AR in; needed for Windows
      g++ is now forced to use C++ version 2011
      Added ar-lib to .gitignore
      Unit tests are now run in WINE and with Valgrind
      BUILD FIX: Added tests/unit_tests to dist
      Added sorting to CriticalPackets, for consistent output
      Updated copyright information with my name
      Added notes on Cppcheck, Valgrind, MinGW, and WINE to ROADMAP
      Added information on WINEPATH variable to ROADMAP file
      Made all unit tests look similar and say FAILED/SUCCESS
      fixed typo in test
      BUG FIX: Version was compared against opNone.
      New Visual C++ project file, thanks to Anime Tosho
      BUG FIX: had introduced bug handling Unicode.  Reverted change.
      Changed types to size_t to satisfy Microsoft compiler
      Support file I/O on blocksize greater than 4GB
      Merge pull request #135 from rwtodd/master
      Merge pull request #136 from rwtodd/master

Richard Todd (4):
      Used _stati64() for WIN32 DiskFile::FileExists()
      Added par2cmdline.h to par2cmdline.cpp for DEBUG_NEW
      fixed 'need signed i for openmp' errors on Windows
      Renamed par2cmdline.h to libpar2internal.h.

v0.8.0: par2cmdline 0.8.0

11 Dec 18:53
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BlackEagle (2):
      disable clang for now, travis has issues finding
      bump 0.8.0

Ike Devolder (3):
      Merge pull request #116 from Parchive/mttesting
      Merge pull request #117 from Safihre/mttesting
      Merge pull request #119 from Parchive/mttesting

Jussi Kansanen (6):
      Parallelize by processing multiple files simultaneously.
      Repairer code cleanup: combine two loops.
      Removed separate "-T1" printing for OpenMP. Use unified progress line printing for all thread counts.
      Changed some of parallel loops to dynamic scheduling, resulting in better performance (with certain type of filesets).
      More accurate printing while verifying.
      Update man pages.

Safihre (1):
      Tweak wording for new -T option

v0.7.4: par2cmdline 0.7.4

08 Sep 21:07
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BlackEagle (1):
      bump 0.7.4

Jussi Kansanen (2):
      Fix printing in debug mode
      Improve progress line printing when scanning extrafiles.

par2cmdline v0.7.3

25 Jun 19:50
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BlackEagle (2):
      copy pasted to much in aliasing fix
      bump 0.7.3

Ike Devolder (1):
      Merge pull request #110 from Parchive/windows

v0.7.2: par2cmdline 0.7.2

03 Jun 10:34
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BlackEagle (10):
      build/release, fix typo, I have zcat, not gzcat
      windows binaries size improvements, see #94
      use all flags for tar in tests must be included in the dist files, fixes #104
      build-win* use -s flag for gcc then we don't need strip anymore, #94
      remove some mingw gcc warnings in diskfile
      make sure u32 definition is consistent
      DWORD is long unsigned int so change format to %lu
      first get pointer then get low and high offset, 'fixes' gcc -Wstrict-aliasing warning
      bump 0.7.2

Ike Devolder (2):
      Merge pull request #106 from Parchive/windows
      Merge pull request #107 from Parchive/windows

SanityChecker (1):
      Fix test scripts to support whitespace in project path. (#105)

v0.7.1: par2cmdline 0.7.1

20 May 06:54
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BlackEagle (17):
      add tests to reproduce issue #93
      make basepath behaviour consistent during create and repair/verify
      add OpenMP OMP_NUM_THREADS for better OpenMP testing
      remove files that are generated by autotools, credits to rdiez for pointing that out :: show all warnings and fail on error
      travis :: add the distcheck for more extensive checking
      make sure tests 22, 23 and 24 can be run concurrently
      add test that does exactly what is described in issue #93
      ignore runtest folders
      test27, cleanup correctly
      enhanced tests to allow check, distcheck, ...
      more "fixing" of tests :: use set -e instead of the whole series to make script work in all posix shells
      allow cross compiling for windows using mingw-w64 by adding config.h if its defined
      add build helper scripts
      par1repairersourcefile, bitwise mask to make sure chars are in ascii range
      bump 0.7.1

Ike Devolder (2):
      Merge pull request #99 from Parchive/issue-96
      Merge pull request #100 from Parchive/windows


17 Apr 20:48
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Alexander Hamann (2):
      Fix spelling
      Improve documentation wording and consistency

BlackEagle (45):
      par2repairer.cpp :: indentation fixes for easier reading
      add collision testfiles
      remove status=none where dd is used in tests
      add travis
      travis: linux and osx
      test21: check if we can create par2 files outside the basedirectory
      basepath is now where par2 is run, par2 files can be stored everywhere
      updated test16 to check if there are datafiles outside of the basepath
      fix tests definition in the tests
      added test21 to the TESTS
      don't use realpath its not available by default
      cleanup writing of tests logfiles
      test16: forgot to add extra .. before par2
      test16: fixed some stupidities, logfile wrong + grep if there are actually files ignored
      add tests where par2 is executed outside the datapath
      commandline :: use stricmp instead of string and ==
      make sure we get the correct behaviour in the 'bup' tests
      allow setting basepath and fix some tests
      make sure the *.log files are written correctly for test2{2..4}
      invert -N behaviour, -N now enables skipping
      Merge branch 'master' of into par2cmdline-mt
      updated par2cmdline naming and confirm multithreaded merge
      move source in src and man in man
      Commandline::SetParFilename :: move al the checking in the method and fail on false result
      add [DEBUG] prefix to debug output and move it somewhat
      use threading to generate sliding window for crc
      fix markdown readme formatting
      manually updated paths for visual studio
      updated the visualstudio project
      windows configuration for OpenMP and x86 and x64
      fixes windows OpenMP error related to unsigned variables
      testMem, do full leak check and show all leaks
      'fix' indentation of
      crc, oops, made i of too small type
      calculate file length only once for comparison and use
      reduce some i64 u32 conversion warnings
      get rid of some annoying windows build warnings
      par2creator :: fix possible dataloss when building 64bit
      diskfile address can't really be null
      also show help output in travis log
      add automake helper script
      add extra information in README for OpenMP on FreeBSD and macOS
      when using out of dir par files you must use the -B flag
      autodetect basepath based on parfile
      bump 0.7.0

Ike Devolder (17):
      Merge pull request #57 from jcfp/patch-1
      Merge pull request #58 from jcfp/patch-1
      Merge pull request #60 from kucharskim/master
      Merge pull request #62 from kucharskim/master
      Merge pull request #63 from kucharskim/master
      Merge pull request #67 from Parchive/issue-66
      Merge pull request #68 from Parchive/issue-64
      Merge pull request #69 from Parchive/issue-37
      Merge pull request #70 from Parchive/issue-65
      Merge pull request #75 from Parchive/neutric-improve_documentation
      Merge pull request #83 from sdettmer/issue-80
      Merge pull request #85 from jcfp/patch-1
      Merge pull request #87 from Parchive/par2cmdline-mt
      Merge pull request #82 from sdettmer/issue-81
      Merge pull request #88 from Parchive/move-src
      Merge pull request #90 from Parchive/windows
      Merge pull request #92 from Parchive/windows

Jussi Kansanen (20):
      Add flags for OpenMP.
      Add check for OpenMP.
      Parallelize creator with OpenMP.
      Parallelize repair with OpenMP.
      Include omp.h for OpenMP
      Add a command line option for settings number of threads.
      Update man page.
      Enable OpenMP.
      Update READMEs.
      Update command line options.
      Update READMEs.
      Update man page.
      Merge upstream/master
      Dont set number of threads if OpenMP isn't used (reported by Yutaka Sawada).
      Remove test dir (run$testname) before running test. If previous dir exists from failed/interrupted run test will fail.
      Change version numbers to 0.6.11-mt2
      Fix race condition in progress indicator (reported by Phaneron).
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' and bump versions.

Mikolaj Kucharski (3):
      Fix issue #55, on OpenBSD 5.6+ __BYTE_ORDER is not defined
      OpenBSD fixes for regress scripts
      Explicitly add -z option to tar(1) during extraction, as not all tar implementations, will handle gzip'ed archives automatically. This for example helps on OpenBSD.

Peter Cordes (2):
      gitignore: Add more scratch files
      .gitattributes: make everyone's future commits use Unix line endings.

Steffen Dettmer (7):
      Fix for #80 ("-n<n>" when "-r<c><n>").
      Revert "don't use realpath its not available by default" for #81.
      Revert "fix tests definition in the tests" for #81.
      Revert "cleanup writing of tests logfiles" for #81.
      Fixing distcheck" to work again (#81).
      Test for #80 (in test5rk).
      Fixed "wc -l" usage in test5rk for MacOS (hopefully).

jcfp (3):
      Use /dev/urandom in test 20
      Avoid unconditional use of PATH_MAX
      add examples section from the old debian manpage


10 Apr 20:04
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BlackEagle (2):
      test basepath is used to remove extrafiles
      bump 0.6.14

Ike Devolder (2):
      Merge pull request #54 from Phaneron/master
      Merge pull request #52 from rizzel/volume_filename_fix

Phaneron (1):
      Fix issue #53 / Correct fix for issue #49

Philipp Zimmer (1):
      par2creator: use proper buffer size for volume file name generation

v0.6.13: par2cmdline 0.6.13

29 May 05:03
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BlackEagle (2):
      create test for #49
      bump 0.6.13

Ike Devolder (1):
      Merge pull request #48 from jcfp/patch-1

PeterBClements (4):
      Fixes to enable "make distcheck" to work:
      Fix issue #50 (scan failure) / Correct fix for issue #31 (slow scan)
      Add test19
      Merge pull request #51 from jcfp/master

Sami Väisänen (1):
      Fix for #49 (Scanning extra files messes up verification)

jcfp (3):
      add missing argument for the block-count option
      add -N / -S options to manpage
      Update commandline.cpp