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Redesign & Hack Democracy
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AgoraOnRails aims to revolutionize democracy by empowering citizens to directly vote real proposals extracted from the Spanish Congress official web page

Install and Use:

curl -L | bash

rvm install ruby-2.0.0-p353

git clone git://

cd AgoraOnRails

bundle install

cp config/database.yml.example config/database.yml

rake agoraonrails:setup

rails server

Start voting!

Running the test suite:

rake spec

Updating the latest proposals from Congress:

bundle exec rake scrapper:scrape


1. Find or create an issue

2. Add a comment to the issue to let people know you're going to work on it

3. Fork

4. Hack your changes in a topic branch (don't forget to write some tests ;)

5. Make pull request

6. Wait for comments from maintainers or code merge

Google group:!forum/agoraonrails
IRC channel #agorarumble


Luismi Cavallé

Manuel Muñoz

Raimond García

Alberto Fernández

Jaime Iniesta

Juanjo Bazán

Pat Maddox

Miguel Barcos

Paco Guzmán

Jorge Álvarez

Rafa García

Adrián Pradilla

Eduardo Martínez

Enrique Macip

Jorge Dias

Miguel Ángel Dávila

Héctor Pérez

Hari Carreras


Copyright © 2014 Partido de Internet, released under the MIT license

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