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Pascal Sommer Photography website

My photography blog, now written in Laravel

Development Setup

# Create .env file from example
cp laravel/.env{.example,}

# Let the server write to these directories
chmod a+w -R laravel/storage/{framework,logs}
chmod a+w -R img/photos/
chmod a+w -R img/thumbs/

# Quickly set up a mysql server
sudo docker run --rm -d --name blog-mysql -p 3306:3306 -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=root -e MYSQL_DATABASE=blog mysql
sudo docker exec -i blog-mysql sh -c 'exec mysql -uroot -proot blog' < dump.sql

# Start a container in which we can use yarn and npx
sudo docker run --rm -it --name blog-node -v $PWD:/home/node/app node bash
# su node
# cd ~/app/laravel
# yarn
# npm run prod

# Generate SVG icons
cd laravel/tools/generate-icons
cargo run

# Update php dependencies
sudo docker run --rm -it --name blog-composer -v $PWD/laravel:/app/ composer update

At this point you might have to run compser dump-autoload on the server, or if php7 is still the default on hostpoint then /usr/local/php81/bin/composer dump-autoload.


The js and sass source files are located in laravel/resources/, and the generated output will go to the /js, /css, and /fonts directories. To compile, type:

cd laravel
npm run prod

Note that /js/keyboardShortcuts.js and /js/setPhotoDimensions.js are currently not generated, but rather developed there in place. This will hopefully change soon(ish).


  • pagination: jump to start/end
  • visual indication for tags that reduce the nr. of results to zero when selected
  • random photo button
  • check if we can actually entirely remove the dependency on eloquent-sortable
  • test blacklist (see error at 2018-05-12 21:19:36, unexpected '->' at BlacklistController.php:40)
  • clean up css
  • generate keyboardShortcuts.js and setPhotoDimensions.js through typescript
  • replace default laravel login page with something fitting the overall design
  • remove path from filename in photos table
  • store photo dimensions in db or cache them somewhere
  • thumbnails for gallery and staging view -- will probably require GD
  • remove exif from photos
  • reencode images with progressive jpg
  • replace uploaded photo from file, keeping all other data
  • add alt-text according to these guidelines to photos, add alt-text missing filter to staging view
  • maybe change how the filters work in staging view
  • pagination for staging view?
  • check if title is unique in "new post" frontend via some js or something like that
  • get old frontends of the website to work with the current database
  • tag filter reset button
  • clean up photo view page, e.g. spacing around tags and description, back to overview button. Description could look like a comment (copying a bit of instagram's aesthetic), also make sure to use the horizontal space.
  • add location information to photos?
  • make posts page load quicker


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