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Wikimedia-contrib is a collection of user scripts and Toolforge tools intended for users of Wikimedia Foundation wikis.

For users


Toolforge is part of the Wikimedia Cloud infrastructure hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation for community-developed tools and bots. These tools provide analysis and data to support wiki editors and functionaries.

  • Account Eligibility analyzes a user account to determine whether it's eligible to vote in the specified event.
  • Category Analysis analyzes edits to pages in the category tree rooted at the specified category (or pages rooted at a prefix). This is primarily intended for test project analysis by the Wikimedia Foundation language committee.
  • Crosswiki Activity measures a user's latest edit, bureaucrat, or sysop activity on all wikis.
  • Global Groups shows a live review of extra permissions assigned to global groups on Wikimedia Foundation wikis.
  • Global User Search provides searching and filtering of global users on Wikimedia wikis.
  • ISO 639 Database is a searchable database of languages and ISO 639 codes augmented by native language names from Wikipedia.
  • Magic Redirect redirects to an arbitrary URL with tokens based on user and wiki filled in. This is primarily intended for Wikimedia templates (see example).
  • Stalktoy shows global details about a user across all Wikimedia wikis. You can provide an account name (like Pathoschild), an IPv4 address (like, an IPv6 address (like 2001:db8:1234::), or a CIDR block (like or 2600:3C00::/48).
  • Stewardry estimates which users in a group are available based on their last edit or action.
  • Synchbot synchronises user pages across Wikimedia projects in every language. This allows users to create user pages on every wiki, or to have global JavaScript and CSS. (Due to the potential for misuse, this bot is not open-source.)
  • User Pages finds your user pages on all wikis (or finds wikis where you don't have user pages).

User scripts

These user scripts extend the wiki interface seen by a user, and they're sometimes available to all users as gadgets (particularly TemplateScript). See Gadget kitchen for an introduction to user scripts & gadgets.

  • ForceLTR enforces left-to-right layout and editing on right-to-left wikis. This resolves editing glitches in many browsers when one's preferred language is left-to-right, and corrects display when the interface language is not right-to-left.
  • StewardScript extends the user interface for Wikimedia stewards' convenience. It extends the sidebar (with links to steward pages), Special:Block (with links to stalktoy and Special:CentralAuth if preloaded with a target), Special:CentralAuth (with links to external tools, one-click status selection, a preselected template reason, and convenient links in the 'local accounts' list), global renaming and Special:UserRights (with template summaries).
  • TemplateScript adds a menu of configurable templates and scripts to the sidebar. It automatically handles templates for various forms (from editing to protection), edit summaries, auto-submission, and filtering which templates are shown based on namespace, form, or arbitrary conditions. Templates can be inserted at the cursor position or at a preconfigured position, and scripts can be invoked when a sidebar link is activated. TemplateScript is also used as a framework for other scripts, and includes a fully-featured regex editor.
  • UseJS imports JavaScript for the current page when the URL contains a parameter like &usejs=MediaWiki:Common.js. It only accepts scripts in the protected MediaWiki: namespace.

For maintainers

Deploy to Toolforge

This repo uses two Toolforge accounts by default: meta (all tools except crossactivity) and meta2 (crossactivity only). They redirect as needed, so all tools can be accessed through either hostname. To use different accounts, edit the tool-labs/backend/modules/__config__.php and tool-labs/.lighttpd* files accordingly.

To deploy from scratch:

  1. Connect to Toolforge via SSH.
  2. Run this script:
    # switch to the meta project
    become meta
    ## set up tool files
    git clone git/wikimedia-contrib
    mkdir cache
    mkdir public_html
    ln -s git/wikimedia-contrib/tool-labs/.lighttpd.meta.conf .lighttpd.conf
    cd public_html
    for TARGET in backend content 'toolinfo.json' accounteligibility catanalysis globalgroups gusersearch iso639db magicredirect pgkbot regextoy stalktoy stewardry userpages
       ln -s "../git/wikimedia-contrib/tool-labs/$TARGET"
    # set up script CDN (accessed via*.js).
    mkdir ~/www
    mkdir ~/www/static
    cd ~/www/static
    ln -s ~/git/wikimedia-contrib/user-scripts scripts
    ## launch server
    webservice --backend=kubernetes start
    ## switch to the meta2 project
    become meta2
    ## set up files
    git clone git/wikimedia-contrib
    mkdir cache
    mkdir public_html
    ln -s git/wikimedia-contrib/tool-labs/.lighttpd.meta2.conf .lighttpd.conf
    cd public_html
    for TARGET in backend content crossactivity
       ln -s "../git/wikimedia-contrib/tool-labs/$TARGET"
    ## launch server
    webservice --backend=kubernetes start

That's it! The new tools should now be running at To update an account later, just login and run these commands:

git -C git/wikimedia-contrib pull
webservice restart


A collection of user scripts and Tool Labs tools intended for users of Wikimedia Foundation wikis.







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