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Game variation of Hangman
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                                   version 1.0

                          A version of the Hangman game
                        Copyright (C) 2010 Openismus GmbH

                               Patricia Santana Cruz
                                    Juli 2010


   |             Table of Contents             |
   |  * About                                  |
   |    + What Is 'GHangtux?'                  |
   |    + License                              |
   |                                           |
   |  * Using GHangtux                         |
   |    + How To Play 'GHangtux?'              | 
   |    + Installation                         |



What Is 'GHangtux?'

       GHangtux is a free program variation of the popular Hangman game.
       It has been designed for people of all ages and has a simple, 
       easy-to-use interface.

       It provides a keyboard and a sentence/word to guess, whose theme 
       the player is able to select. Current themes are: films, objects 
       and persons.

       A graphic sequence of tux images will be displayed during the game,
       indicating the player how many attempts he/she has left.


       GHangtux is an Open Source project, Free Software released under the
       GNU General Public License (GPL). It is free, and the 'source code'
       behind the program is available. (This allows others to add features,
       fix bugs, and use parts of the program in their own GPL'd software.)

       See COPYING.txt for the full text of the GPL license.

                                Using GHangtux

How To Play 'GHangtux?'

       GHangman is a game for one player. A sentence/word will be displayed 
       and the player can try to guess it by suggesting letters.

       The sentence/word to guess is represented by a row of dashes, giving 
       the number of letters. If the player suggests a letter which occurs 
       in the word, it will be displayed in all its correct positions. 
       If the suggested letter does not occur in the word, a new image of
       Tux will be shown. The game is over when:

          * The player completes the sentence/word.
          * All Tux images has been shown. 


      For a custom prefix the $XDG_DATA_DIRS variable needs to be set up. This 
      is an issue that I would like to change for the next versions.

      * Usage example:
      desirable prefix for installation: /home/me/.local
      Installation process BEFORE:
      [me@me GHangTux]$ ./ --prefix=/home/me/.local
      [me@me GHangTux]$ make
      [me@me GHangTux]$ make install 

      Installation process NOW:
      [me@me GHangTux]$ ./ --prefix=/home/me/.local
      [me@me GHangTux]$ make
      [me@me GHangTux]$ make install 
      [me@me GHangTux]$ XDG_DATA_DIRS=/home/me/.local/share /home/me/.local/bin/ghangtux
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