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A simple tool to help build responsive websites
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A simple tool to help build responsive websites

This is a simple tool to help developers convert fixed pixel widths to percentages. A use-case would be, being handed a typical desktop-sized design, but being told it should be responsive and fluid. Put in the widths of the main columns into the app and get back the percentages.


  • It's fully responsive, naturally.
  • I've added crude timestamps onto the CSS and JS refrences for cache busting. Better techniques welcome.
  • Only needs to support good browsers. I'm not bothered about IE, I'm sure developers won't be IE users anyway.


  • Clean up (hasitlly written) JavaScript
  • Account for guttering

Get It Running

The _config.yml file has a basebath set to the GitHub Pages url, so get this running locally using:

jekyll serve --baseurl
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