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Distribute a Progressive Web App on the Microsoft Store
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The PWA2UWP toolkit

Browser-based tools to publish a Progressive Web App (PWA) as an Universal Windows Platform (UWP) application.


Simply open src/index.html in Firefox for local use.

Blink & WebKit browsers need an HTTP server, due to (over)restrictions regarding file: origins.
Running cd src && python3 -m http.server is an idea.

Old browsers, including Internet Explorer 11, only (partially) work using the build, fit-for-distribution, website.


To build the fit-for-distribution website, run make. The resulting content is put in dst/, ready to be uploaded to a webserver.

The build process requires an UNIX-like system, with GNU Make and a JRE ≥ 8 installed.

Some third-party open-source JARs are also needed. They are automatically downloaded, on first need, by make.
(The HTTPGET environment variable defines the download command to execute. It’s curl by default. wget -O - works too.) These “development dependencies” are:

  • Saxon-HE 9.≥8, a XSLT 2 processor, to embed CSS/JS code directly into the HTML & more.
    Put in a 3p/ folder, named saxon9he.jar. On Ubuntu ≥ 18.04, you can apt install the libsaxonhe-java package, then symlink /usr/share/java/Saxon-HE.jar to 3p/saxon9he.jar.

  • The Closure Compiler, to transpile and minify JavaScript code.
    Put in 3p/, named closure-compiler.jar. (⚠ The version available in Ubuntu package repositories is too old to work.)

  • The YUICompressor, to minify CSS code. htmlcompressor.jar delegates that job to it.
    Put in 3p/, named yuicompressor.jar.

  • htmlcompressor.jar, to minify HTML & XML code. Put in 3p/, named htmlcompressor.jar.


  • 3p/: contains the third-party dependencies needed to build the fit-for-distribution website. See the Build section for how to get them. Not tracked by git.

  • dst/: the build, fit-for-distribution, website content. Generated using make. Not tracked by git.

  • src/: the source website content. Kept simple, stupid. HTML is repeated, CSS skips classes, JS is modular ES6 that transpiles cheaply.

  • GNUmakefile: recipes to build the fit-for-distribution website.

  • LICENSE.txt: licensing/copyright information for this repository. Everything is CC0.

  • netlify.toml: configuration for hosting on Netlify. The Netlify↔GitHub integration is not used; deploys are manual.

  • postprod.xsl: XSLT stylesheet used during the build process.

  • this file.

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