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This site collect usefull scripts, links and TPM2 related stuff. Most relatet to the LetsTrust-TPM module for the Raspberry Pi


With Raspbian Stretch Kernel 4.14.85 you'll get the TPM 2.0 support build in!

Six easy steps to activate your TPM on the Rapsberry Pi:

  • Step one:
    • Open a (whatever) term on your Pi.
  • Step two: run a "sudo rpi-update"
  • Step three:
    • open the /boot/config.txt with "sudo nano /boot/config.txt"
    • activate SPI with
      • "dtparam=spi=on"
    • and load the TPM device tree overlay with
      • "dtoverlay=tpm-slb9670"
  • Step four:
    • plug your LetsTrust-TPM on the right position and reboot your Raspberry Pi
  • Step fife:
    • Open a (whatever) term on your Pi and type "ls /dev/tpm0" and /dev/tpm0 will appear in yellow letters!
  • Step six:
    • Be happy about your success!



    • Installs the dependencies for the tpm2-tss, tpm2-abrmd and tpm2-tools [1].
    • Provide a complete clear of your TPM (line 46 out comment)
    • Provide a RSA encrypt and RSA decrypt example.
    • Provide an ECC sign example
  • How to patch a kernel (folder)

    • Inlcude some scripts to patch your kernel, example for the Raspbian

    • Reset the LetsTrust TPM with a pintoggle, only for development!