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0.3.3 (31st July 2011)

  • Removed validation from new for Item and Document

  • Created vocabularies/ to put the vocabularies in

  • Added URL and Enumeration DataTypes

  • Converted DataTypess to classes derived from Generic

  • Now supports circular dependencies in vocabularies

  • Added all the vocabularies

0.3.2 (9th July 2011)

  • Ensure bin/mida only searches if type regexp passed

  • Allow vocabularies to be included into other vocabularies

0.3.1 (5th July 2011)

  • Add bin/mida exectuable

  • Changed Item#to_h to only return keys with values

  • Add validate option to Document and Item to turn on/off validation

0.3.0 (29th June 2011)

  • Merge VocabularyDesc into Vocabulary

  • Vocabularies are now auto registered using inherited hook

  • Removed vocabulary from Item#to_h

  • Deprecate types to describe a Vocabulary property if favour of extract

  • Add DataType so can use DataType::Text instead of String for a type

  • Add various DataTypes: Boolean, Float, Integer, Number, ISO8601Date, Text

  • Add Bundler support

  • Properties marked as has_one now output a single value instead of an Array

  • Document#search now only uses a Regexp to search with

  • Document now includes Enumerable Mixin

0.2.0 (3rd May 2011)

  • Add ability to describe and conform to vocabularies

  • Rename Mida::Property to Mida::Itemprop to better reflect use

  • Make some of the Mida::Itemprop class methods private

0.1.3 (18th April 2011)

  • Ensure itemprops are parsed properly if containing non-microdata elements

  • Support itemprops nested within other itemprops

0.1.2 (14th April 2011)

  • Add version for rspec dependency

0.1.1 (12th April 2011)

  • Improve gemspec description

0.1.0 (12th April 2011)

  • Initial Release