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Connect2Pay C# Client
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PayXpert Connect2Pay C# SDK

This library is the official C# client to interact with the PayXpert Connect2Pay system. The whole payment workflow is implemented through easy to use methods. This repository contains Visual Studio solutions with two projects

  • Connect2PayLibrary (for PaymentGateway)
  • Connect2PayDemo (console Windows application with examples)

Exploring SDKTest sources you can find suggestions about this SDK usage.


Using the [.NET Core command-line interface (CLI) tools][dotnet-core-cli-tools]:

dotnet add package Connect2PayLibrary --version 1.0.1

Using the [NuGet Command Line Interface (CLI)][nuget-cli]:

nuget install Connect2PayLibrary

Using the [Package Manager Console][package-manager-console]:

Install-Package Connect2PayLibrary

Or you can download code from here and include to your project PayXpertLibrary


This library was tested with

  • .NET Framework 4.5
  • .NET Core 2

Running demo

Before running a demo you will need to have originator ID and password provided by PayXpert. You can request them in PayXpert website!.

To run the demo, please clone a repository. You can open in Visual Studio the whole solution "Connect2PayLibrary.sln" You will need to open a file OriginatorConfig-Test.cs in SDKTest project folder, uncomment everything and set the relevat originator data received from PayXpert. To run the demos, choose SDKTest as startup project and run it pressing F5.


All the documentation related Payment Gateway commands and SDK usage could be found in our documentation page!

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