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CSR Helper


CSR Helper is a simple application based on AngularJS Material and PKIjs that aims to make it easy for users to generate certificate requests (PKCS#10s) for requesting SSL certificates.

You can find this project hosted here:

What does it look like?

Below is a snapshot of CSR Helper. It is responsive and works well on mobile and tablet devices.


The CSR Helper application helps users generate a certificate requests for :

  • OpenSSL
  • Exchange (2007 and 2010)
  • Java Keytool
  • F5 Big-IP
  • IIS

It supports both ECC and RSA certificate requests and will use use WebCrypto and PKIjs to directly generate keys and certificate requests if the browser supports it.

Getting Started

To get you started you can simply clone master branch from the CSR Help repository and install the dependencies:

Clone the csrhelp repository using git:

git clone
cd csrhelp

Install Dependencies

We have preconfigured npm to automatically run bower so we can simply do:

npm install

Behind the scenes this will also call bower install.

Directory Layout

app/                    --> all of the source files for the application
  assets/app.css        --> default stylesheet
  src/           --> all app specific modules
     users/              --> package for user features
  index.html            --> app layout file (the main html template file of the app)
karma.conf.js         --> config file for running unit tests with Karma
e2e-tests/            --> end-to-end tests
  protractor-conf.js    --> Protractor config file
  scenarios.js          --> end-to-end scenarios to be run by Protractor

Updating dependencies

You can update the tool dependencies by running:

npm update
bower update


We believe this is ready for use but it has not undergone third-party review.

Bug Reporting

Please report bugs either as pull requests or as issues in the issue tracker. Graphene has a full disclosure vulnerability policy. Please do NOT attempt to report any security vulnerability in this code privately to anybody.


About - A site that helps users generate SSL certificate requests (Keywords: WebCrypto, PKIjs, PKCS#10, CSR)




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