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Find file Copy path
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import re
import subprocess
from typing import List
from shared import fetch_tools
from shared.pd_exception import DoesNotExistException
PATH = 'shared_web/templates/jsdependencies.mustache'
def ad_hoc() -> None:
tags = [fetch_script_tag(library) + '\n' for library in get_dependencies()]
output = ''.join(tags)
def get_dependencies() -> List[str]:
f = open('shared_web/jsrequirements.txt', 'r')
return [line.strip() for line in f.readlines()]
def write_dependencies(s: str) -> None:
f = open(PATH, 'w')
def send_pr_if_updated() -> None:['git', 'add', PATH])
if['git', 'commit', '-m', 'Update client dependencies.']) == 0:['git', 'push'])['hub', 'pull-request', '-b', 'master', '-m', 'Update client dependencies.', '-f'])
def fetch_script_tag(entry: str) -> str:
parts = entry.split(':')
library = parts[0]
file = parts[0] if len(parts) == 1 else parts[1]
info = fetch_tools.fetch_json(f'{library}')
version = info.get('version')
if not version and library.lower() != library:
library = library.lower()
info = fetch_tools.fetch_json(f'{library}')
version = info.get('version')
if not version:
raise DoesNotExistException(f'Could not get version for {library}')
path = None
for a in info['assets']:
if a.get('version') == version:
for f in a['files']:
if minified_path(f, file):
path = f
if unminified_path(f, file):
path = f
if not path:
raise DoesNotExistException(f'Could not find file for {library}')
return f'<script defer src="//{library}/{version}/{path}"></script>'
def minified_path(path: str, library: str) -> bool:
return test_path(path, library, '.min')
def unminified_path(path: str, library: str) -> bool:
return test_path(path, library)
def test_path(path: str, library: str, required: str = '') -> bool:
# CommonJS libs get us the error 'require is not defined' in the browser. See #6731.
if 'cjs/' in path:
return False
name_without_js = library.replace('.js', '')
regex = fr'{name_without_js}(.js)?(.production)?{required}.js$'
return bool(, path, re.IGNORECASE))
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