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Perl module to make Makefiles and build modules (what backs Makefile.PL)
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admin Make increment_version default to --alpha Oct 17, 2013
bundled Fixed bug in bundled CPAN::Meta::Requirements Dec 31, 2014
lib/ExtUtils Releasgineering for v7.19_06 Jun 27, 2016
my Silence warnings with new shouty File::Path Aug 20, 2015
t Skip subdirscomplex test on VMS. Jun 25, 2016
.gitignore Revert "Use intermediate files to store META.* and *.ppd files" Oct 29, 2015
.travis.yml Move blead to first tested as (with blead build) takes longest Dec 23, 2014
CONTRIBUTING its -> it's Jan 6, 2016
INSTALL Put the bug tracker location in the INSTALL docs Jul 31, 2010
MANIFEST Remove cruft in Makefile.PL Aug 14, 2015
MANIFEST.SKIP include the default MANIFEST.SKIP from ExtUtils::Manifest (closes #204) Feb 1, 2015
Makefile.PL Remove ourselves from build requires for ourselves May 11, 2016
README Perl version support policy = 5.8.1+ but accept 5.6 patches. Aug 8, 2014
README.packaging it's -> its Jan 6, 2016


This is a CPAN distribution of the venerable MakeMaker module.  It has been
backported to work with Perl 5.6.0 and up.

Please note that while this module works on Perl 5.6, it is no longer
being routinely tested on 5.6. However, patches to repair any breakage
on 5.6 are still being accepted.

See INSTALL for installation instructions.  Run "perldoc
ExtUtils::MakeMaker" (while in this source directory before
installation) for more documentation.

See or
for a full list of open problems.

Please report your bugs via or or
by mailing to
RT or GitHub are preferred.
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