Perl module to make Makefiles and build modules (what backs Makefile.PL)
Latest commit d004610 Jul 27, 2016 @tonycoz tonycoz committed with bingos CVE-2016-1238: avoid loading VMS::Feature from the default . (#276)
ExtUtils::Command attempts to load VMS::Feature on VMS, ignoring
errors when loading it.

If VMS has such a thing as a global, world-writable directory, like
/tmp on POSIX systems, and VMS::Feature is not installed, and a user
runs a program that loads ExtUtils::Command with such a directory
as the current directory, an attacker can create VMS/ in
that directory to run code as the original user.

This removes the default . from the end of @INC to prevent that.


This is a CPAN distribution of the venerable MakeMaker module.  It has been
backported to work with Perl 5.6.0 and up.

Please note that while this module works on Perl 5.6, it is no longer
being routinely tested on 5.6. However, patches to repair any breakage
on 5.6 are still being accepted.

See INSTALL for installation instructions.  Run "perldoc
ExtUtils::MakeMaker" (while in this source directory before
installation) for more documentation.

See or
for a full list of open problems.

Please report your bugs via or or
by mailing to
RT or GitHub are preferred.