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Perl module to configure and build modules (what backs most Build.PLs)
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bin More spelling fixes
configs Lots of spelling fixes in the POD (RT#45528)
contrib remove old, experimental bundling code
devtools Removed outdated devtools
inc stop calling UNIVERSAL::isa as a function
lib/Module Stop using version->normal(); prefer stringify()
t Fix t/actions/installdeps.t to work on "perl in space"
.gitignore Add support for META.json and MYMETA.json
.perltidyrc Lots of spelling fixes in the POD (RT#45528)
.travis.yml Handle lack of recent CPAN::Meta more gracefully
Build.PL removed inc::latest; it is now a separate distribution on CPAN
Changes Prepare for release 0.4211
INSTALL Remove suggestion to use Makefile in INSTALL
MANIFEST.SKIP Remove MANIFEST entries for code removed in 0c9a1fa. Also skip *.orig…
Makefile.PL Fix bootstrapping for older installers
TODO Update TODO wrt META spec updates
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