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Alien::Base is now distributed as part of Alien-Build. Please see for details.
Alien::Base is a base class and framework for creating Alien
distributions. The goal of the project is to make things as simple and
easy as possible for both developers and users of Alien modules.
Alien is a Perl namespace for defining dependencies in CPAN for
libraries and tools which are not "native" to CPAN. Alien modules will
typically use the system libraries if they are available, or download
the latest version from the internet and build them from source code.
These libraries can then be used by other Perl modules, usually modules
that are implemented with XS or FFI.
To install Alien::Base, use cpanminus:
cpanm Alien::Base
If you have downloaded this from GitHub or locally, do
cpanm --installdeps .
cpanm .
Once installed you can read the project documentation using the perldoc
command, or via the website. If you are an Alien
developer, see the authoring documentation:
perldoc Alien::Base::ModuleBuild::Authoring
perldoc Alien::Build::Manual::AlienAuthor
(this one installed in a separate module)
The FAQ also contains hints on dealing with specific challenges, like
dealing with specific tools:
perldoc Alien::Base::FAQ
If you are a user of an Alien module, you will likely be more interested
in the Alien::Base interface itself:
perldoc Alien::Base
For questions that aren't answered in the documentation, please feel
free to contact the Alien::Base team:
* IRC: #native on
* mailing list at!forum/perl5-alien
* GitHub issue tracker at