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  1. PersoSim - the open source eID simulator

    Java 12 17

  2. PersoSim Public

    Developer information in Wiki

    4 1

  3. Linux specific part of the driver makes PersoSim simulator accessible through libpcsclite. Requires driver connector to be fully functional.

    C 2 4

  4. PersoSim RCP project. This project incorporates simulator and driver connector into one standalone application that can be built for either Windows or Linux.

    Java 2 6

  5. OS independent part of the virtual reader. OS dependent parts forward PCSC requests to the connector which contains all the logic to handle them. This includes "Basisleser" and "Standardleser" func…

    Java 1 8

  6. PersoSim App for Android

    Java 1 5


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